01-01-2013: I've started as a Reservoir Engineer for the Carbonate Research Team of Shell Global Solutions B.V..

01-10-2008: You can call me herr doktor ;-).

30-9-2008: PhD Defense.

05-5-2008: Physical Review Letters Article published online.

24-3-2008: Started as Consultant for a major oil company.

03-3-2008: Started at Alten Nederland.

29-2-2008: My last day as a PhD student at the UvA.


dr. Bastiaan A.H. Huisman
Reservoir Engineer
Carbonate Research Team
Shell Global Solutions International B.V.

thesis Hi, welcome to my vanity domain! The place to be for people who type my name into their google search box ;-).

The content of this page is mostly taken from my old scientific website at the University of Amsterdam, where I did a PhD in Physics at the Van 't Hoff Institute of Molecular Sciences, in the group of Computational Chemistry and Physics. Since then I've worked for four and a half years as a consultant in simulation and modelling. In that time I developped new fluid modelling capabilities for Shell's in-house reservoir simulator. In Januari 2013 I joined Shell as a permanent staff member, as a Reservoir Engineer for the Carbonate Research Team, which since July 2018 is called the Geology and New Reservoir Types Team.

You can view a more up-to-date version of my CV on LinkedIn

My thesis titled

Dynamical and structural self-organization
A study of friction, liquid-crystal nucleus growth, and supramolecular polymers though simple models.

has been published electronically. You can read it here, at the library of the University of Amsterdam. Please e-mail me if you want a physical copy.